How to order your own design?

How it works?

How to order your own design?

Although the technology of creating fabrics is very complicated we want to simplify it all for you. Therefore your order perfect pattern is done in just 4 steps.


Type of fabric

In the first step, choose what type of fabric you would like to order. There are two types to choose from - natural fabrics printed on Italian machines Reggiani and Aleph and polyester fabrics printed on an Epson machine. Depending on the selected type, the waiting time for printing varies dependent on production load.

Natural & Polyester


Specific fabric

In the second step, choose the fabric that interests you exactly. This step is often the most difficult because their choice is constantly enlarged. But take it easy :) The types of fabrics page where each material comes to the rescue is accurately described and photographed and fabric samples are another help.

Unfortunately, even the most detailed description of the fabric does not reflect its grip and structure, that is why we encourage you to order samples of the fabrics we print on.

Order a sampler Types of fabrics


Choose the measurement

We are approaching the end, in this step choose how many meters of the fabric you need. You can choose from 5m, 10m, 30m and 95m, and a multiple of this number. Of course the more meters of one pattern, the cheaper


Pattern type

We have two kinds of patterns: panel or repeatable. The panel pattern has a specific width and height and does not repeat smoothly. And the repeatable pattern repeats seamlessly along length and width.


Pattern color

The cost of printing depends on the amount of ink consumed by the printer. Our graphic department verifies your files and in case of a mistake informs about the correct color of the pattern. In this step, we ask you to specify whether your pattern is light, medium or dark.

  • Bright color0-7 ml
  • Average color7-14 ml
  • Dark color14-20 ml


Go to cart

The last step is to go to the basket, it is located in the upper right corner. There you can also upload files to your order that will remain delivered to our graphics department. After the order is received, our sales department will contact you. If you have questions, how to prepare graphic file visit this page - "how to prepare a graphic file".

How to prepare a graphic file

Video order

See the process of ordering your own fabric

Step by step

From start to finish as you upload files