We will cut it for you

We will cut this
for you

Nowadays, process automation is important. That is why we try to make as many production processes as possible with us.

When ordering the materials, you have the option to choose whether the material is to be rolled, cut or cut.

How it's working?

Order step by step

  • Choose a material that suits you and order it to apoz.pl
  • In the last step of the order, choose what packaging option you are interested in (beam, bolt or your own cut)
  • Send us a cutting file with information about the material and cutting size. Send the file to the following address: Kontakt@apoz.pl (in the title, enter the order number with the note cutter)
  • Your sale specialist will show you the cost of the cutting service
  • You get ready material cut in your pattern

What can we cut you

Any shape within the area of 220x160cm

Cutter gives us the possibility of any material cutting from our offer. The elements should be best placed in the working area of 220cm x 160cm. The shape of the elements does not matter. At the moment, we do not cut panel patterns. Due to the fact that the natural and polyester material shrinks slightly after the printing and heating process, we are not able to perfectly hit the cutting field.

The material is cut in one layer, thanks to which you are guaranteed a very precise cut.

All the elements, stamps or panels

Various tools - DRT, EOT and camera

  • Cutting entire elements

    DRT Tool - This is the faster disk knife tool. it is used as the main tool for cutting elements.

  • Sewing notches / markers

    EOT tool - oscillating knife, designed for accurate cutting. It is most often used for cutting so-called "notches" in cut-out elements.

  • Panel designs

    Camera - allows you to verify the pattern through printed registration marks and cutting panel elements. At the moment, this option is disabled.


PLNWork cutter - hour rate

130zł net
per hour

Depending on the patterns sent, the cost of cutting one element will vary.

The fairest form of settlement is counting the time of the lift.

For example, cutting circles with a diameter of 9 cm costs PLN 0.11 per piece.

the minimum amount to be cut is


running meters

The cost of preparing a file for cutting


for valid files

Download a sample file for cutting

How to prepare
cutting file

  • Please send us a vector file - PDF or AI
  • Keep the scale 1 to 1
  • The dimensions of the working file are 220 cm wide by 160 cm high
  • Make the chars with the "line" tool - nested in the object.
  • We will do the duplication of elements ourselves.
  • Name the file with the material on which to cut it. (e.g. cotton | 4mb.pdf)

Prepare for us the elements you want to cut in the field of 220cm x 160cm. We will do the duplication of these elements ourselves. Before starting the cutting process, we will send you a visualization of the cut for approval.

Download a sample PDF / AI file
Cutter work area - automatic movement - 220 cm
Pattern direction ►