How do we pack?

Methods of packaging fabrics

Select convenient for you bolt, beam or cut.

Material on beam

Our standard method of packing materials is by winding the material on a cardboard sleeve (beam). The fabric in this form goes straight from production, the material wound on the sleeve is most often used in all sewing factories.

  • + The material is not creased
  • + It fits on other machines
  • + well protected
  • - a large cubature
  • - cumbersome to wear
  • Approximate size

    (depending on material) 160x35x35

  • Sewing room

    Production beams preferred are provided by sewing factories.

  • Protection

    The rolls are packed in PP foil or stretch foil

  • Cardboard

    Cardboard sleeve with a diameter 50mm or 72mm

  • Straight from production

    Beams are packed directly on the production

Fabric folded in half

This type of packaging is most often chosen by fabric stores and individual customers. In order to cut off a few meters, we do not need a large cutting table.

  • + Aesthetic appearance
  • + Easy to carry
  • + Simple cut-off, for example. 1m
  • + Small cubature
  • - Unable to expand
  • - Beams on another machine
  • - As a result, sewing houses do not prefer
  • - This types of packing
  • Approximate size

    (depending on material) 90x25x25

  • Fabric stores

    Due to the small cubature and handiness, this form of packaging is preferred in fabric stores

  • Security

    Bolts are secured with PP foil

  • Cardboard

    Bolts are packed in a collective cardboard packaging

  • Additional process

    Double folded the fabric is for free, although it takes longer than shipping a beam

Fabric cut

Nowadays, process automation is important. That is why we try to make as many production runs as possible with us.

We will cut the material into any shape for you on a professional machine with high cutting accuracy.

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