How to prepare a file?

How to prepare a file for printing?

Specifications below

  • Design on a scale of 1 to 1
    The maximum file size is 2GB

  • Use RGB
    Adobe 1998 color

  • Always design
    at 300 dpi per inch

  • Remember to keep the report. Unless consciously you design a panel pattern

  • Send the flattened file to us, in the TIFF extension

From pencil and paper to Finished fabric

Designing your fabric starts on the computer. That is why it is so important that the file you send us meets our requirements. Thanks to this, the printout will be as close as possible to the colors you have on your monitor.

We have presented the basic technical data above. If you are preparing a reportable formula, remember that it should be correctly reported horizontally and vertically.

Download a sample file.

Videos that can help you

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Technical question

If you have a question about how to prepare file or how to correct it, please write to Tomek.

Tomasz Morawski

Main graphic designer

+85 722 28 69

Creative question

Or maybe you have a concept question or on the prevailing trends. Ask Paula, our Creative Director.

Paula Senderacka

Creative Director

+730 508 333

How much it costs?

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