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Your own fabrics Dropshipping Business - Risk-Free, No Inventory

Discover a revolutionary way of conducting online business with printed fabric dropshipping.

Consider fabric dropshipping as a perfect way to expand your online business without unnecessary risk and investment in warehousing. With our service, you can offer customers a variety of fabrics from our extensive collection, choosing from ready-made patterns or adding your own designs.

We are your partner in the process of production and order delivery, allowing you to focus on building your brand and increasing sales. Don't worry about logistics – we handle warehousing, packaging, and shipping. Join our dropshipping platform and begin your success story in the fabric industry today!

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Discover how easily and quickly you can join our community in just 4 simple steps!

  • Apply to apoz

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    Fill out the application form on the apoz website and await contact from our team

  • Integrate Your Store

    Step 2

    With the support of our team, integrate your store with the platform

  • List Your Products

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    Place selected products on your online store or other e-commerce platform

  • Start Selling

    Step 4

    Commence sales, and apoz will take care of delivering orders to your customers

Is there a cost to join the Dropshipping program?

Participation in the program is entirely free, but a nominal integration fee is required for external companies.

Our specialty is fabric production, so we focus on this area, leaving the management of multiple integrations in the hands of our partners. The only cost you'll incur is a small fee of €9 per month (up to 100 orders per month) for full store integration.

Wondering Why You Should Join the Dropshipping Program?

Work Comfortably from Home and Manage Your Business
  • Focus on Sales:

    You don't need to worry about logistics, packaging, or delivery. Your main task is to develop your brand and attract customers.

  • Time Savings:

    Dropshipping allows you to save time that you could spend managing inventory and logistics. You can concentrate on growing your business.

  • Global Reach:

    Dropshipping enables you to reach customers worldwide without the need to handle international shipments.

  • Low Financial Investment:

    Dropshipping lets you start a business without investing large sums in purchasing goods and warehousing. You can focus on sales, and we'll take care of the rest.

  • Assortment Flexibility:

    You choose what you want to sell, whether it's fashionable fabrics, classic patterns, or unique fabrics. You decide what best fits your store.

  • No Excess Inventory:

    You don't need to worry about excessive stock or shortages, or be concerned about trends. With apoz, you order only after receiving an order from a customer.

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Sell fabrics online with apoz®

We are delighted to inform you about our new and innovative dropshipping offer! We are proud to be the first on the market to introduce this new opportunity, which will allow you to expand your online business in an even more efficient way.

Dropshipping is the future of online commerce, and we want to provide you access to this unique form of business operation. With it, you will be able to sell various products without the need to keep them in stock, providing you with greater flexibility, time savings, and cost efficiency.

We believe that our dropshipping offer will help you increase the reach and effectiveness of your online store. Interested?

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