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Quality and samples

Each product has a separate certificate. You can download certificates of our fabrics here :

Yes, you can.

"We are based in Sowlany near Białystok. However, we specialize mainly in online sales so it is not possible to visit our headquarters. You can order samples of fabrics and test prints.
All arrangements are made by correspondence, and we send all samples at the client's request.

The cooperation with our clients is the same regardless of the country of the client."

Yes. To receive sampler book please place an order for it here :

To receive selected materials, please contact one of our sales specialist from Contact tab.

Yes, you can download any interesting pictures from our website and use it on your website.

1m - customers' design for trial purposes (once per design)
5m - our design / second print of customer design

In our warehouse, large amounts of orders are placed every day, which are carried out in the order they are placed.
It may happen that several customers at the same time purchase the same type, color, pattern of the fabric.

We are currently working on a WMS (Warehouse Managment System) that will automatically count the quantities of sold out fabrics.
Soon, the actual inventory levels will be updated on an ongoing basis in the ordering system on the website.

Yes, you can change the order but it depends on the stage of the order.

To find out if it is possible and to extend your order, please contact your sales representative as soon as possible.

If we have not yet started the production process, we will change your order.

Changing the order is possible only until we have not yet started the stage of completion and production. To find out at what stage your order is and whether it is possible to change the order, please contact your sales representative as soon as possible.




You can ask one of our sales specialist for technical guidelines.
Files needs to be in .pdf or .tiff format and should have resolution of 300dpi. For more informations, please contact sales specialist.

Files up to 400 MB can be loaded via the B2B platform when placing an order. However, larger files can be sent via the website. Be sure to include your order number when uploading files via the website.

Our graphic designers can make small graphic corrections of the sent patterns and help to adapt the files to the printing house's requirements, but they do not assemble the patterns from scratch.
The cost of graphic designer work is 150 PLN net per working hour.

The current order processing time is given on the website for each product and is updated on a regular basis. We make every effort to complete orders as quickly as possible, but please remember that each fabric is produced on an individual order. There are many factors that may disrupt or extend the technological process (e.g. failure). In special cases, the order fulfillment time may be extended. We inform you about any problems as soon as possible.

Of course we understand the need to test your concept and see the print before placing a larger order. This can be done by ordering 1 meter of fabric when placing an order in the configurator. Sample prints (1 linear meter) will be delivered sooner.

Unfortunately no. In order to maintain the highest quality standards, we only offer our fabrics that go through a series of complex technological processes before they go to print. We are constantly expanding our offer of printing fabrics.

If you choose the "double material" option when placing your order, each pattern will be placed on a separate.
When selecting a "Roll material" option, all ordered patterns will be placed on a one beam.

An order of 5 meters of one pattern is shipped in one piece. In exceptional cases, the ordered print may be divided into maximum 2 parts. The reason is e.g. the end of a roll of a given fabric and the necessity to finish printing on a new beam.

Unfortunately, no.

The fabric is always printed according to the customer's order, including additional stock. During production, we use professional Italian company Bianko tensioners, which is why flexible fabrics may have different sizes depending on the degree of tension during counting.

Yes, there are discounts for customers who cooperate on a permanent basis. For detailed information about discounts, please contact the sales department by phone or e-mail.

Discounts and promotions


Payment and shipping

Bank transfer, Paypal, card payments will be available soon.

Unfortunately, no.

We are accepting payments only in "PLN - zł" or "EURO - eur".

Unfortunately, no. Acceptable form of payment is prepayment. For the convenience of our customers, we offer several payment methods.

We make every effort to ensure that the shipments are carefully and safely packed. However, if it happens that the shipment arrives damaged, it should be opened in the presence of the supplier and a complaint should be submitted to the supplier in accordance with DPD's procedure.

The complaint should be submitted as soon as you discover damage. You can receive a complaint form from one of our sales specialists.

After reporting and determining the course of the complaint, the fabrics not cut should be returned to the address APOZ + name and surname of the trade supervisor.

ul. Przemysłowa 5, hall E1,
15-528 Sowlany, Poland.

We produce each fabric on an individual order and therefore, it is not possible to return the goods if the goods are of full value.

If the purchased goods did not meet your expectations, you have the right to return the unused goods within 14 days of making the purchase. The returned goods should be intact, complete, in their original packaging and with no signs of use. This applies to imported fabrics - non-printed.

Returns / complaints / exchange of goods


Packing and shipping

The cost of transporting is priced individually for each client. We determine it when issuing a proforma invoice, based on the ordered quantity of the fabrics and the selected method of packaging.