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Graphics / Pattern preparation

How do I properly create a project in Adobe Photoshop?
What does it mean for a design to be reported/seamless? What should it look like?
How can I check if my pattern is reporting (repeating) correctly?
How do I remove the lines on the edges of the pattern?
Why did my design shrink when loaded onto the page?
Why did my design enlarge when loaded onto the page?
How do I change the resolution of a file?
How do I save a pattern in Photoshop?
How do I resize a pattern in Photoshop?
How do I rotate a pattern in Photoshop?
What are the permissible sizes of the designs?
What if I have a file in a format other than JPG?
Won't saving in JPG format reduce print quality?
What is a panel?
What should a reportable design with a sidebar look like?
How do I check the size of pattern elements in Photoshop?



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