Affiliate program

We build our businesses together, therefore by choosing our company you will receive an additional discount.

Discount from 4% to 10%

By placing an order in a specific price range, you will receive a discount code for the next order after the order is processed.

You will receive the discount code by e-mail, the discount applies to all products from our printing house. The code will be valid for 21 days.

order value discount value

Order between
870€ to 1 043€ € with Tax

4% discount

Order between
1 044€ to 2 608€ € with Tax

5% discount

Order between
2 609€ to 4 521€ € with Tax

7% discount

Order between
4 522€ to 6 955€ € with Tax

8% discount

Order between
9 956€ € with Tax and more.

10% discount

Are you planning larger purchases and would need a 60-day payment period?

Contact us to apply for a deferred payment date.

* The offer is available to companies that have made a minimum of 3 purchases in our company.



Sampler contains all material samples on which we print.

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