- we produce 120,000 meters per month

Complicated technology available in simple form.

We optimize the processes of our clients, providing comprehensive services from material preparation for printing, through printing and further processing, for example softening or antibacterial finish. Pre-treatment, printing and post-treatment in one place. You save time and money.


Material preparation before and after printing


High friction resistance soft grip and bright colors. Top quality in harmony with nature.

What qualities should a good material have? Soft grip, resistance to washing and rubbing, color adapted to customer requirements. A properly designed fabric and knitted fabric preparation process guarantees their high quality. During finishing process, we use modern Italian Cibitex machines and proven, safe chemicals from a German manufacturer that meet the requirements of Oeko-Tex certification.

The green technology used by us eliminates one of the most non-ecological processes, which is water loss during production.


Pigment printing without production waste


The best in class textile printing system

We are experts in print! In our factory, we can produce up to 120,000 running meters per month. We print on Italian Aleph and Reggiani machines, using Oeko-tex certified pigment inks.

Pigment printing is an ecological solution and saves water. As a result of a chemical reaction between the material and the paint, the pigment is permanently attached to the fabric. The material is annealed at a temperature of 150-160 degrees, and the excess water is evaporated in the dryer.

No environmentally harmful waste is generated during the production process.

WMS & ERP & Web

This is what we are most proud of.

We increase the availability of technology

Order technologically difficult products in an intuitive, international platform

When we started our adventure in the textile industry in 2014, ordering printed textiles was a real challenge. Today, our industry is undergoing a real revolution, and we are part of it.

Thanks to our platform you can order technologically complicated materials to any part of the world - even from 1 running meter! The safety and efficiency of processes is ensured by modern systems responsible for production control and supervision of material flow.



Sampler contains all material samples on which we print.

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