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We print natural and polyester materials to order. Upload your own pattern or use our base.

How to order materials

Only 4 steps divide you from receiving your materials
  • Upload your pattern or choose ours

    You can upload your own pattern using our online confguration. You can also choose patterns created by our talented artists.

  • Choose material

    You can choose from over 20 natural and polyester materials.

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  • Choose the meterage

    The more meters of one pattern you buy, the lower price will be.

  • Enjoy the material

    We will deliver material to the indicated place within a few days.

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Sampler contains all types of materials.

Here you can get acquainted with materials on which we print. However even the most beautiful descriptions and photos won't convey the real texture of our materials, so order a free sampler and see our quality.

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Pooky World
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Izabella Mueller
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Marta Munte
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Every day, we deliver materials to 3,000+ companies from 31 countries.

Whether you're just starting out or running an enterprise-level e-commerce business, we will provide you with materials of the highest quality at a fair price.

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Sybilla Häfner

Google Reviews

The customer service is excellent! All questions are answered in a kind and friendly manner. You'll receive assistance at any time, and everything in your own language! I am more than happy. The quality is TOP NOTCH.

Rufus Kahn

Google Reviews

Absolutely first-rate fabrics and fantastic prints. In addition, wonderful service. It's a real pleasure for me. Be wonderful :)

Petra Vetchá

Google Reviews

For me, mega satisfaction with the fabric material :)? A wide selection of patterns, super agreement... I think delivery within 14 days. I only took 2x5 meters of fabric.

Esteck c

Google Reviews

The best printing company! The team is very professional and always knows how to meet expectations. I also thank Karina for her dedicated time, good humor, but above all, for her patience despite my numerous requests, and that's been going on for over a year. The quality of fabrics and printing is excellent; my clients are always satisfied. The turnaround times have been significantly shortened, which is a real plus!

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Check the Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Graphics

    How to correctly create a project in Adobe Photoshop?

    When creating a project, you need to remember about several important settings.

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  • Support

    When will my designs be displayed?

    When you upload a project to our portal, the graphics department verifies it.

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  • Graphics

    Why did my design shrink after loading it on the page?

    Resolution is a value that informs us how many pixels make up an image; the higher it is, the higher the quality of the image we will get.

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  • Graphics

    What to do if I have a file in a format other than JPG?

    For the file to be correctly uploaded to our website, it must be saved in JPEG format, therefore...

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Sampler contains all material samples on which we print.

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