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Apoz - textile

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Beautiful design, soft and durable materials.
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Our history began in Białystok in 2014 with the import of 300m of material. Today, we are a dynamically developing company and industry leader in Poland and Europe. Our company consists of two strong pillars: textile printing and the importimport of proven materials.

Annually, we print over 500 000 meters of unique designs. Our total sale of materials exceeds 3 milion metrów. We use our extensive experience and constantly develop, increasing sales, range, number of customers and employees.

5000+ companies

Our portfolio includes over 5,000+ companies and over 1,600 companies regularly shop from us.


We send our orders to 31 countries and speak fluently in German, Czech, Polish, English and French.

500 000+

Annually, we print over 500,000 linear meters of natural materials and polyester


Our team consists of over 75 people and the storage space is over 2,200 m2.

We provide materials for businesses.



Sampler contains all material samples on which we print.

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