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From a child, do you love drawing?

Earn from what you love

Don't invest money & invest in yourself.

Earn together with apoz®

Hey, this is Adam Ożlański - CEO of apoz. Since I was a child, I've been connected to graphics, drawings, and design. I knew I wanted to do this every day, but commercial projects often deviated from my vision. That's why apoz was born; here, nobody held me back, and I could realize my projects as I saw fit. We managed to monetize it successfully, and now I want to give you that opportunity too.

If you love drawing and you're a SurfPatter designer, showcase your projects on our platform and earn together with us. For each material with your design, you'll receive 5% of the order's value.. Whether it's a lot or a little, I'll explain further.

Why is it worth joining us?

We care about ensuring both sides are satisfied with the collaboration.

The customer needs good designs, and the artist should be able to earn from their talent in a pleasant way. That's why artist registration is closed and requires verification.

There are many platforms where artists can sell their designs, but in my opinion, there's a significant problem. The number of artists is vast, and the designs are not verified, resulting in the final customer having trouble finding valuable patterns.

As a result, the artist doesn't earn much due to fierce competition spread among thousands of artists.

It's completely different with us.

  • Limited number of artists.

    On our platform, we have a limit on artists per country, which practically guarantees artists' earnings, while our customers have the assurance of the highest quality patterns.

  • Intuitive platform.

    All sales take place through the platform, and you have real-time access to your sales and the commission you've earned.

  • Attractive commission.

    For each order with your design, you'll receive 5% of its value. Less competition among artists allows for interesting earnings.

  • Artists' promotion.

    We proudly showcase our artists, and our clients include both B2B and B2C customers who often approach our artists for exclusive designs.

  • International sales.

    We sell our materials throughout Europe, and currently, we ship daily to 31 countries, with total sales measured in millions of meters.

  • Individual approach.

    Our goal is not quantity but quality in every aspect. That's why I, personally (CEO Adam Ożlański), take care of the artist communication. Each collaboration has an individual character.

How much can you earn?

It depends on us and a bit on you.

Our collaboration with artists is recent, but we already see a certain correlation. Here are some things an artist can do to strengthen their sales..

Quality of designs.

If you only add designs that you don't care about, I have to disappoint you; you won't earn much. However, if you follow trends and add popular motifs, you significantly increase the chances of significant sales.


Promote our collaboration in the media; very often, your customers are looking for where they can buy your designs on ready-made materials.

Sample earnings of our artists:

Current status of artists in the system: 5
As of May 15, 2023

1 626

Profit in 82 dni
19,83€ | Daily


Profit in 90 dni
9,76€ | Daily


Profit in 67 dni
10,43€ | Daily


Profit in 90 dni
3,97€ | Daily

We invest in you!
What do we do to make your sales significant?

We work every day to make your designs available internationally. We focus mainly on European markets such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland, and Spain.

The artist is responsible for the designs, and we take care of everything else. Our 56-person team works daily to reach 31 countries in Europe. We invest significant resources in advertising on platforms like Google Ads, Instagram, and Facebook. Since we started collaborating with artists, we've reduced adding our own designs by 90%, leaving room for your creativity. Ultimately, we want to have only artists' designs on our platform.

Our customers include both retail and manufacturing clients. Manufacturers often seek direct contact with artists to create exclusive patterns. We gladly connect you and support you in communication.

Seller Panel
Full sales statistics available online..

With the activation of your seller account, you gain access to the Seller Panel. Through the app, you can track your sales, check the commission received for each order, request withdrawals, and download invoices for payouts.

Everything is available online at any time of the day. We process payments within 4 business days, and you don't need to reach any minimum to withdraw funds. The commission is calculated when the order status changes to "shipped."

Join the apoz® team.
Apply as an artist.

Your application has been sent!

Thank you for sending your desire to join the apoz®. We will contact you at the e-mail address provided by you.

Our requirements.


To make the collaboration effective, commitment is required from both sides. Therefore, we ask you to include information about us in your media.


To effectively present an artist, we need content. These 10 designs allow us to advertise effectively.


We care about satisfying all parties - the customer, the artist, and ourselves. Therefore, the quality of graphics is crucial to us.


We treat our collaboration as a business relationship with benefits for each side. So, we would be delighted if you join our community, share your feedback and observations.

I invite

Adam Ożlański CEO Apoz



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