The number 1 printing house in Europe is expanding its operations into the USA market, offering free shipping with the code: USA

We deliver materials to your business

Import of materials

Daily we deliver| Materials for 3 000+ companies from 31 countries

Trust us and check how we can help you in the supply of quality fabrics and knitwear.

Wholesale prices

A large volume of orders allows us to obtain the best purchasing prices. Thanks to this, we can offer you material at an attractive price.

Regular deliveries

We regularly receive deliveries of materials from countries such as China, Pakistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

Certain suppliers

We have been cooperating with each of the factories for several years and suppliers are strictly verified by our company.

B2B platform

You will process the entire order on the international portal from the valuation through the implementation.

Popular materials imported

We specialize in printing, but we know how important it is to complete the product with imported materials. We offer fabrics and knitwear straight from trusted factories. Without unnecessary intermediaries.

Order individual color or material obtaining best the price in the Apoz offer.

Regular deliveries allow us to supplement the order with dedicated customer orders. If you are planning your collection min. 3mc use the order of materials only under you.

What are the advantages of this?

  • You will receive a proven material
  • You will receive the best price
  • The minimum amount is 450meters per color
  • Individual delivery date min. 3 months
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Fabric sample pack

Order a free fabric sampler and find out about our quality

It's hard to show the texture and softness of our fabric on the computer screen so order a sampler so you can see our quality.

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Sampler contains all material samples on which we print.

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