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Kulka silikonowa

Kulka silikonowa

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Soft & Functional

silicone non-woven

It's the inside that counts. That is why the filling of your products is so important. It determines the functionality and the final visual effect of the project. Silicone non-woven fabric is the perfect filling that combines pleasant softness with durability, so that products always.

Fluffiness which stays for longIncreased resilience

Low-quality fillings often deform after just one wash. Meanwhile, silicone fleece, also called artificial down, retains its shape and softness, which does not change even after frequent washing. In addition, fleece insulates heat very well and is completely safe, which is why it is often used as filling for children's bedding as well.

Although the filling is really warm, at the same time it does not cause overheating and works well at any time of the year. Silicone fleece is also ideal for filling your beloved mascots - regardless of how much you cuddle them, they will always be springy and soft!

Antiallergic for better sleep comfort

The biggest advantage of silicone filling is that it is anti-allergenic. Thanks to its hypoallergenic properties, non-woven fabric is an excellent alternative for allergy sufferers - bedding filled in this way can be used all year round, without worrying about dust, mites and bacteria.

Bedding filled with silicone fleece stays fresh and is very hygienic, it does not deform and remains perfectly soft all the time. It is the best and most desired filling on the textile market, which guarantees better sleeping comfort for small and big allergy sufferers...and not only.



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